Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sciatic Pain

I had another patient with sciatic pain today. She's had physical therapy, chiropractic care and appointments with her MD. Yet she was never shown one of the most effective exercises that can help her low back.

The exercise is to lift the leg in front of the body bringing the knee up to waist high. Then hold it. Start at holding for 30 seconds and gradually build to 4-5 minutes each leg. As her back gets healthier I'll give her more exercises to maintain that health.

After receiving her 1st acupuncture treatment she felt less pain immediately when getting off the table.

We reviewed diet tips to make sure she didn't eat foods that would irritate the bulging disk in her lumbar (low back). Alcohol and all sugars are the 2 worst offenders.

Acupuncture, exercises, herbs and proper nutrition will greatly reduce and should eliminate her pain.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Interesting Profession

I have a patient that I have grown close with. Now he is better and doesn't need to come in any longer. He spent about 10-12 minutes after his treatment 'saying goodbye' and thanking me. Before he came to me he was told he was incurable. He couldn't show the emotional level of gratitude he felt but discussed it in an old world way. Being over 80 yrs old he couldn't express himself as some younger people would show it.
We made each other laugh. I hope to see him around town.