Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is Cholesterol the Threat They Tell Us?

Heart Disease is still on the rise despite a constant stream of new preventative pharmaceuticals. Western Medicine's approach to preventing heart attacks is based on study from the 1970s. They compared fat intakes. Our understanding of cholesterol are based on this study.
The problem is that the people eating the higher fat were also eating higher sugar. Was it the fat or sugar? We don't know for sure. Everything we are doing could be wrong and maybe it should be sugar that we are reducing.
Add to this that almost 20% of the population have very harsh side effects from Statin prescriptions (e.g. Lipitor). Two of which are weight gain and high blood pressure. Those are very counter productive in the attempt to reduce heart disease.
I do think High Cholesterol is a problem but I'm not sure it is as bad as they are saying. Yet sugar is a major problem in our country. Reducing that will do nothing but improve your health. And that is a Sure Thing.